January Fur and Dog Diets

 I don't know what it is about January, but seems to be the longest month ever.  On good sunny days I walk the dogs and get exercise.  They are in the house a lot and tend to shed lots of extra fur.  So that keeps me busy vacuuming and cleaning. I believe they are shedding more because it has been so cold and they spend that extra time in the house where it is warm. The English Labs tend to have more fur than the American Labs and they love the snow.  Belle Starr and Abie both can roll and play in it for great lengths of time.  While Shadow who has some American in him, gets colder quicker and you don't see him rolling in it very much.  Storm Trooper is like his dad that way. Cassiopeia is full English and has lots of fur, but even though she likes it outside, she doesn't roll in it like Belle Starr and Abie. Funny canines. They all have their little different personalities, likes, and dislikes.  I took Belle Starr and Shadow to the vet for checkups.  I had Belle Starr checked over to make sure she was in good condition after losing the pups.  She looks great and is in super good health.  With an enhanced tail, I might add.  Shadow on the other hand is too thin. (The reason I took him in).  Sounds like the people in our house.  Fred eats everything and all the time.  Super thin...  I diet and watch what I eat. Need to lose weight.  So I am cutting Belle Starr down on the food that she is eating.  (Victor Salmon and Sweet Potatoes) for she is doing great on it.  It is grain free.  So with Shadow the vet is having me add Hill's Advantage Veterinarian Formula to his Victor to see if it helps with the calories and nutrition retentionSince Cassiopeia is thin as well, I am adding the Hill's to her diet.  It has chicken and grains in it.  I'll post how it works.  One never knows what is really truly the best thing to feed them.  I guess the best way is to try several things and see what works best.  I did read an article once that suggested to mix up brands of dog food so they get all different kinds of nutrition.  Which is good if you gradually add the other dog food so they don't get sick. During these past four years I  have had learned so much and yet there is so much more to learn.  It is interesting as I gather information from big breeders to vets and on how they don't exactly always agree on things. So, once again I just do what I feel is best with the knowledge I have and move on.  I work really close with the vets on the breeding part of it. A good month to research and read to make kennel life better.