Last week I took Belle Starr and Shadow to the vet for checkups. Belle Starr to make sure she was good after her ordeal and Shadow for he is too thin. The vet put Shadow on different food and said to leave Belle Starr on the same food and cut her back some. The way of my world. I have to watch every calorie, and Fred enjoys all that bad for you but yummy stuff. So I can relate to the Belle Starr. I spend time yesterday reviewing dog food formulas to find a good match for Shadow. I have been feeding Grain Free Victor Salmon, which is an excellent dog food with lots of good things in it. The vet put Shadow on Hills Healthy Advantage Formula with grains. Of course when you buy that at the vet's office the price tag is high. So in researching to find something similar to it I discovered that Kirkland Signature Adult Chicken is a fairly good match. It has high fat with good carbs. So like people there isn't one best formula for all dogs. I am mixing in the new food with the old for Shadow, Cassie, and Storm Trooper to see if I can add some bulk to them. Sorry Belle Starr.. .#Vets #Diets #Healing at Happy Labs Kennel