Cost of a puppy

Limited Registration -  $1200
Full Registration - Call for Pricing

Reserving a Puppy

Our AKC registered labs have blocky heads and muscular bodies.  With their sweet mellow disposition they make great family pets and companion dogs.  They also make excellent service and hunting dogs.

Andromeda and Duke’s puppies were born August 7, 2019. They had 3 yellow boys, 3 yellow girls, 2 black boys, and 1 black girl. Phoebe and Shadow’s were born on September 1, 2019. They had 1 yellow girl, 1 brown boy, 4 black boys, and 4 yellow boys. A little short on girls. We are planning on breeding Shadow and Cassiopeia on her next cycle which should be the end of September. Because of all the males and life events, I had some boys looking for forever homes. Thank you..

To reserve a pup: Print the below puppy form, fill it out, and mail it to us.

When the pups are a week old a payment of $500.00 will be due.  The remaining $700.00 is due when puppy is received. This is on a first come, first serve, basis.   If the pup doesn't work out I will give back half of price if before the 1st month is up. The pups will be current on shots and have basic training to build good habits. This includes crate and potty training, and sit, stay, and leave commands.  The pups will be sold as pets (limited registration) unless I interview for breeding rights.  


Late Summer Shadow and Phoebe . Yellow, black, and possible chocolate.

Shadow and Phoebe pups were born September 1, 2019.

1 yellow boy available and one pending, 2 black males available, and 1 chocolate available.

Shadow Phoebe

08 06_2156.JPG

Pictures of babies:


Pictures of Last Litter:


Planned Litter for Late Fall 2019 - Yellow and Cream Litter

Reserved spots filled for this litter.





Pictures of Last Litter


Planned Litter Summer 2019 - Black and Yellow Litter 

Andromeda and Doubleplay’s Duke of the Crazy Mountains
puppies were born August 7, 2019.

Litter sold out…


Duke lives in Bozeman, Montana

Duke lives in Bozeman, Montana


Andromeda (Lives in Frenchtown) Andromeda is Cassiopeia half sister.

Andromeda (Lives in Frenchtown) Andromeda is Cassiopeia half sister.

Pictures of Girls