We provide ideal conditions for breeding and training labs.

Breeding English Labs

Ten years ago we fell in love with a little black dog at the lake we were vacationing at.  One year later we purchased our first English lab from the same breeder.  Abie was named after Abraham Lincoln.  We have enjoyed Abie tremendously and he has brought us much joy. He has inspired us to educate ourselves on the lab breed and to start our own kennel. After lots of research we have our first breeding pair, Shadow and Belle Starr.  We have since then added to our kennel which includes four breeding females, and two males. Our labs come from premium kennels to ensure high quality puppies.  


Kennel Life

Happy Labs Kennel is located at the base of the Bitterroot Mountains in St. Regis, Montana.  Our labs have an acre to play on and they are part of our family.  The lower level of our home is also the home of the dogs.  And yes, they do get to nap on our bed.  We take them on walks in the mountains and visit local ponds and streams.  Our day starts with coffee with the labs either on the deck or in the great room and usually ends the same way.  They take turns going to dog friendly events with us to get that away from kennel socializing. 

                                                 The Happy Lab Family