In Everyone's Life a Little Rain Must Fall

Not sure who wrote that, but it is so true in all aspects of life.  After the long process of breeding Belle Starr she didn't keep the puppies.  A week ago the vet said she saw one and that it didn't look very healthy.  This prepared me for our visit yesterday when we didn't see any puppies.  For some unknown reason, she absorbed the pups or pup.  The good thing is that she is very healthy and that wasn't the problem.   We will try again next cycle and hopefully have summer puppies.  I have been told by breeders that this is the way to go.  At this point they really need to convince me.  Just the cost of the stud fee is huge, plus puppy pacs, shipping semen, vet bill for the male to extract the sperm, and the vet bill on this end, plus the stress.  Not sure this experience has been the best.  Hopefully I will change my mind in the future.  I'm hoping to at least get my money back.  But most important is that I have people waiting for their fur babies. In the meantime, I will love on the Belle Starr, do a couple of shows, train the pups, and do some therapy visitations.  It is so cold that I am just a little anxious to have some sun and warm weather to get the labs out for a lot of hikes and exercise. So on my way home yesterday I bought some flowers for Belle Starr, but mostly for me.  Love my Labs and worry when things don't well.