Phase One

I categorize breeding into 4 Phases.  The first phase is the breeding. You would think that it would be the easy one.  But, one has to make sure that the timing is right with ovulation.  And since this can happen throughout a 7 day time period, it takes lots of testing.  Then after 20 days an ultrasound to determine if we have pups growing in that little belly.   The second phase is the whelping phase.  This is the busy phase that turns the puppy room into what looks like a hospital room.  I really think that I'm going to buy scrubs for this next litter. It's intense and exciting getting each puppy to breath and nurse before the next one arrives.  It takes both of us to keep up with the pace. Then the third phase is working with the little bundles to help them learn what they need to know before they troddle off to their new homes.  The fourth phase is saying good- by and with tears as they start their next chapter of life. I know that dogs have been having puppies forever and you would think it would be as easy as throwing them together and letting nature take it's course.  Since we want to make sure that the pups come from the right parents and have a good start to life than we need to do our job to make sure this happens.  In the end, Mother Nature has the say so. We are only guides. I'm planning on an ultra sound May 5th to determine if we have puppies or not.  No Stress, No Stress...  One thing about all of this is that Belle Starr is looking great and seems to be in excellent health.  Go Belle Starr