May 24, 2014  Hi, I'm Linda and I had this great idea to train and raise labs for my retirement fun.  This is my very first web site experience and my very first blog. They always say there needs to be a first before their can be a second. Brilliant! Anyway so far this has been a wonderful experience and looking forward to having fun with my labs.

A Day at the Kennel

Excellent weather and it is nice to have the dogs outside. The house stays clean for a while, go figure...  It really is amazing at how much time we put into the kennel.  Get them up in the morning, potty time, social time, breakfast,  poop scoop, and then a little down time.  I call this 'human time" or housecleaning.. Then potty breaks for the little ones and making sure everyone has outside exercise time.  Before we know it, lunch time.  Then again potty time, exercise time, and poop scoop.  Afternoons are outside time when weather permits and training.  Today the weather was outstanding and we took the pack for a long walk. Even the Cassiopeia got to go with the big dogs.  Then the afternoon lent to baths.  We use the camper shower for bathing the dogs and it woks so nicely. Then before dinner, everyone got brushed.  Needless to say after a good hike, a  bath, and then dinner, the gang is sleeping peacefully.  It is poop scoop time again. And in between all of this, dog blankets washed and dried int he sun. I always feel privileged to have some computer time without interruptions. A good day at the kennel.