Back on Board

I took a break from blogging and it's time for me to get back into the routine.  So easy to get out of a routine and seems to always take time to get back into it.  After a wonderful vacation in Hawaii, a couple of weeks subbing, and Easter, spring came up fast.  Belle Starr came into season mid-April and we just bred her this 2nd full week of April.  This is a month later than I had expected.  But, mother nature knows best...  On March 19th and 20th we took Storm Trooper and Bones to the International Dog Show.  Storm Trooper took best puppy in all 4 shows.  He also got his International and National Puppy Titles.  Along with that he got his Canine Good Citizen certificate.  So proud of our Trooper.  He is now in weekly training and as soon as he turns 1 will hopefully get his therapy dog certification.  This has been very exciting for us.  The same weekend of the International Dog Show I brought home our new little Cassiopeia. We are adding her to our breeding program.  She is true English and a cutie.  So there is a lot of action at Happy Labs Kennel.  Breeding, Training classes, potty training, etc.  All is good... On the down side, our Abie the older lab is having panic attacks.  His health seems good, it just that he has anxiety in his old age.  His wears a calming collar that the vets gave him and that helped a lot.  This past week he got worse and we started giving him calming pills and they are helping.  We love our Abie and it is hard to see him this way.  Giving him lots of extra love.  Storm Trooper lays beside him and he really likes that.  Therapy in action among the pack.  Lots of action and love at Happy Labs Kennel