Full Motion

As I look my last blog was over a week since I have written.  The pups are 4 weeks old and weighing in at a little over 4 pounds.  Four pounds of fur and energy. Last week when they turned 3 weeks we started them on some multi-grain baby cereal and puppy formula to help out mom.   Belle was losing weight fast and wasn't doing well.  We took her to the vet and got her on some meds.  They diagnosed her with having allergic reactions along with her system being out of wack.  She was down to 56 pounds and we were very concerned.  With this we have tried to take over a lot of her duties and that has turned into a 24/7 job.  We put her in with a few pups a several times throughout the day and the rest of the time is relaxing and eating. She is doing better each day and we are even taking her for short walks.  That makes her happy.  My kitchen counter has puppy pans, formula, and baby food.  That brings back memories of olden time...  They took to eating out of a pan very quickly and we have it down to under an hour to feed now.  This week we have added in some softened puppy food. Each one gets fed without any interruptions and get as long as they need to eat.   We have started the potty training process and after they eat or wake up we put them on the pee pad.  They are using it most of the time, with a few that still 'I'll go when I need'.  It still seems as if I 'm rearranging the puppy nursery to accommodate their big bodies.  The warming box that all 11 slept in at birth now hold one puppy.  Crazy!  We are still on working on getting a good night routine down so we can get some sleep and one of these days we will figure it out. The personalities are starting to show and we have several nick names for them.  Mostly we call them by their color color. We already are getting orders for the next litter, so between now and then, lots of sleep.  Things are in full motion here at Happy Labs Kennel.