Time is Flying

As I look, it has been a week since I have blogged.  Maybe it's because I have been able to go to bed instead of being up half the night.  This is a good thing.  A lot has happened in a week.  We purchased an XXlarge kennel for mom and pups to sleep in and it is in our bedroom.  Thank goodness we have a big house. This way we have been able to go to bed and still monitor mom and babies.  Each night Belle Starr goes longer without eating and the pups seem to sleep longer. The little bundles have opened their eyes, are walking around and have happy tails.  They are biting at one another and jumping on each other and try to howl like a pack.  Pretty funny.  We still start feeding a few at a time and add them in slowly.   It's getting more difficult for they can hear and when there is a commotion they are all over it... They  love cuddling with mom and Belle Starr really enjoys her snuggle time with them.  Little Ribbon Girl was licking her mom on the face today, taking right after her mom.  Belle Starr has always been a licker and the practice finally paid off.  I created a 4' X 4' pen in the puppy nursery for them to stay in during the day.  In one corner I have the heating pad and the other I have been putting down a puppy pad. They are actually using it.  Not all the time, but once in awhile you catch one trotting over to use it. They are all very precious and I will enjoy every moment that I have them.