May 24, 2014  Hi, I'm Linda and I had this great idea to train and raise labs for my retirement fun.  This is my very first web site experience and my very first blog. They always say there needs to be a first before their can be a second. Brilliant! Anyway so far this has been a wonderful experience and looking forward to having fun with my labs.

Pumpkin Treats...

Learning curve still very steep.  The vet suggested that we give Belle Starr pumpkin for her digestive system that was out of sorts.  Fortunately our wonderful garden had produced us some nice sugar pumpkins.  So with that I baked some in the oven, (after taking out the seeds) removed the skin, and cut it up for Belle Starr.  We put it in with her food and she is doing much better.  In the meantime the other dogs are at my side begging for pieces of pumpkin when I'm cutting it up.  So my little brain lit up and today I'm going to make an attempt to make pumpkin dog treats.  We will see how this works or not...  Our little bundles are really turning into a joy.  They stand on those little legs and head off.  Of course they have no clue where they are heading, but seem to head for the door when in the kennel.  Everyday, I look at the situation and try to figure out how to make a bigger place for them to sleep.  Right now half of them are in the night kennel and half in the day kennel.  When they get crowded, they are just down right not happy about it.  Fred picked up a small pen yesterday at Petco, (half off) that we will use to  creating a bigger spot so mom has room to have them all around her at one time.  So my Monday, exactly two weeks from birth will be dedicated to puppy happiness and dog treats.  Happy Monday at Happy Labs Kennel