Today, I had a room full of toddlers.  We rearranged the nursery into a toddler room, where they have room to run and play.  And that they did.  I put a basket of toys in and they thought it was the greatest, just like Christmas.  Their co-ordination in really developing.  It's funny for they can run backwards and sideways as fast as they can forward.  They are attuned to sounds and recognize mom and also people.  When you step into their room,  they climb all over the feet and chew on the socks.  Which means the teeth are developing.  I fixed the room with a pen so that they don't have access to the wall or trim.  It would be nice if they had access to outside, but a little cold.  Our goal tomorrow is to create a potty box with shavings for I really want to get them somewhat potty trained.  No more poop worms scattered around would be wonderful... They each have their own personalities and everyone of them very lovable.  One thing we know is that tomorrow will bring something new.