May 24, 2014  Hi, I'm Linda and I had this great idea to train and raise labs for my retirement fun.  This is my very first web site experience and my very first blog. They always say there needs to be a first before their can be a second. Brilliant! Anyway so far this has been a wonderful experience and looking forward to having fun with my labs.


We ended up taking Belle Starr to the vet yesterday.  She took to throwing up the night before and then onto into the morning.  When I called, the vet said to bring her in for a checkup to make sure her chemical balance was okay.  He was quite amazed at how big she is.  She is now getting small portions of food throughout the day to accommodate her growing puppies that are taking up a lot of room.  We need  her to carry them through at least next Tuesday, October 6th.  We don't want to have little preemies.  Like children, they need those last few days for lung development.  While in Missoula,  I shopped for the last of my puppy room supplies.  Today my goal is to finish the puppy room and have most of it ready to go.  I'll construct a warming box using a plastic tub and things that I have here.  That is so when the puppies are born, there will be a place for the ones who are born while mommy has another.  It also serves well for little ones who are sick, or if you need to do maintenance on a puppy.   Hands Out to all our mommy dogs in the world for they have a delicate job to do when whelping puppies.  They must be good, for look at all the dogs in the world today.  Know that I did sneak in a hair cut yesterday even with the eventful day...