As the time grows closer, the tension builds.  It's like the other dogs know that something big is going to happen, and they have grown needy.  Belle Starr's puppies are growing more everyday and she is quite big,. Tomorrow is day 60 and we would like for  her to hold on for another couple of days. She is doing well on the quality puppy food that we are giving her in small portions throughout the day.  She is very clingy and is beside us all the time.  But, that cute little lab tail is always wagging, even in discomfort.  Love the Belle Starr, she is a great inspiration.  And the Shadow, he is one calm dude.  He lays with her a lot and their friendship goes way beyond play time.  But, he seems as if he isn't taking the baby business to serious. The warming box is ready and on, the whelping box is ready, and the equipment sterilized and in place.  Now if I had confidence in myself, Life would be Good.  We will hope that mother nature is on the ball and things go well for the Belle Starr. My happy sound is her snoring, for I know all is well at the moment.