Busy Time of Year

Time seems to be getting away from me.  Here it is already Christmas time and a New Year on its way.  Belle Starr received her International Title in October at Ridgefield.  She was a show girl that weekend and took a first, 2 seconds, and a third in the shows.  Her brother out of Oregon beat her out for best of breed in one of the shows.  Exciting.  There's nothing like traveling with a dog. You share your bed with a furry creature, look out the door of your hotel room to make sure there's not another dog in the hallway. You don't dare leave them in the room and go have fun, for sure as you would, the barking would probably start. So when you go to a dog show, know that it is a bonding time and don't plan on going anywhere a dog isn't welcome.  The best part is trying to lug up kennels, dog supplies, plus your own luggage up 2 flights.  But I have to admit the comradeship you develop with fellow dog lovers makes it worth while.  Not only that it's exciting to see your dog perform. I'm hoping to take Shadow in the spring so he can work for his title as well.  He has grown into a handsome boy and is quite the companion.  I'm never without a friend, even when taking a bath.  I usually have two labs taking up their space in the bathroom.  Luckily I now have a bigger bathroom. Shadow lives up to his name for he shadows you all day.  Belle Starr is more independent but she is also is becoming a partner.  Probably had to do with being shut up in the puppy room during her last heat cycle.  Phew!  Glad that one is over.  She joined the rest of us right after Thanksgiving.  You talk about hormone overload that effects the other dogs as well as people. Must say that takes the cake.  Our whole house is on edge during her time.  One more and then we will look at having pups.  With our new add on puppy room, I'm getting ready for our first batch of pups.  My resolution for the New Year is to work more on my web site and keep up weekly with the blogs.