It's been a while since I entered a blog.  I guess you could call it my down time before all the action.  I did take Belle Starr and Shadow to Ridgefield in March to the International Dog Show.  Both Belle Starr and Shadow earned their National Titles there.  Belle Starr had injured her elbow (who only knows how she did that) and had surgery in June at Great Falls, MT.  The vet did an awesome job.  She had to stay down for 6 weeks.  Now try that one out. Keeping a labrador quiet for that long of a time is a job in its self.  She did real well and thank heavens I have a nice dog room with a doggie door to an outside kennel. I was able to keep her off things that could injure her while jumping.  So, between Fred and I we took many walks to give her exercise and of course potty breaks.  She soon learned that if she didn't go, then she could stay out longer.  Now that was just frustrating, especially when we were in a hurry.  Smart girl...  She healed very well and was relieved to join the pack again.