Fall Time in Montana

Days are getting shorter and cooler.  Labs love the cooler weather. They still have fun getting into the kiddy pool after chasing around.  We've been walking and exercising the pups a lot. They are both looking good.  Shadow is in training for hunting antlers.  He's excellent at finding them, but the bringing back is a work in progress.  The Belle Starr is getting ready for the IABCA show in Ridgefield, WA.  She has the conformation that judges like in the show ring.  They tend to choose the more blocky body and shorter legs. With this show she will receive points for her conformation on an individual basis.  A one on one time with the judge. This is the first International show like this I'm attending, so only wanted to start with one dog. Shadow has the blocky head and mellow disposition, but has the longer body and legs that moves him like a graceful gazelle.  Such an awesome pair.  Turning the back porch into a 8' by 12' dog room.  It is going to be very sweet.  It will also create a great puppy training room when the time comes. Only a year left before that phase of my business begins.  Exciting!