New Home for the Labs: Happy Labs in Montana

After a long hard hot move we are finally at our new home.  We bought a 2 story house with 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, family room, and living room.  Lots of room for the labs.  The wonderful thing about this is that they have their own space and we have ours.  Love it..  Along with that they have a little over an acre to run on.  We almost have all the fencing around it so they won't wander off too far. Labs and moving!  Now there's a challenge.  Getting ready for a yard sales and packing boxes creates many opportunities.   They loved getting into the garage where things were sitting out for the yard sale.  I would find something in a million pieces and then think:  It would have only gotten me 50 cents at the sale.  Hum, a dog toy costs about $5 bucks, so I guess it was a cheap chew toy.  Amazing what they charge for dog toys.  With labs they usually chew them up, swallow, and in the night regurgitate.  Yuk!  The best toys we have found has been boiled beef leg bones with all meat and fat trimmed.  They last for months and great for teething.  Good rope and tennis balls strung on it also is a favorite at our house.  I'm back into training again and that feels good.  Currently we are working on training so we can search for antlers.  They already found their first antler.  Of course it was just by accident.  But being in deer and elk country now, we want to give this a whirl and see how it works out. 

The labs are adjusting very well to their new home and love all the area we have to walk them. Forest, alfalfa and wheat fields to explore.  They are getting in great shape and hopefully so are we.  

Haven't made it to any dog shows recently for obvious reasons, and with Belle Starr ready to come into season again, I'll wait a little on that.