7 Healthy Babies almost 4 weeks old

Early Training happening at Happy Labs Kennel. At 31/2 weeks the pups are starting to use the pee-pads to do their wee-wee on. Sometimes LOL They are starting to keep their sleeping area clean, so now I'm starting to crate train as well. Generally pups don't go to their new homes crate trained and basic potty trained. This is one area I have focused on and have been successful at training early on. Also, I have only one litter at a time. That helps. Puppies don't have control of bladder until they reach 14 to 16 weeks, so important to keep training pads available to them. Belle Starr is starting to leave them for longer periods of time so is the very beginning of the weaning stage. They still sleep with her most of the night. It is also the time where I keep a bucket of disinfectant water and a pair of gloves to keep puppy room clean, I use Dawn dish soap with a little Clorox to keep the room smelling clean and not so kennel like. Works good. Today we will feed solid food that consists of puppy formula and Gerber multi grain cereal 3 times. This just supplements mom's breast milk during this growing time. The puppies have all hit 4 pounds and on their way to 5. Each day they start to interact with each other a little more. They all play for a few minutes and then fall over asleep. Something I think I would enjoy.. The ears, eyes, and nose are all starting to develop and we now have to walk quietly if we don't want to wake them. Their coordination is still developing and they stumble and fall a lot. For the kennel, this is my busiest time.   Love em all. ..