Getting Closer to Babies

I actually blogged yesterday, but my computer went off line before I saved it.  Oh well,  called life.  Belle Starr is getting closer and starting to show whelping signs. Nesting, big boobies, huge tummy, and very restless.  I'm thinking the 10th.  It is my son's birthday, and that would be cool.  Puppy room pretty much ready.  The towels and washcloths are clean and in huge bags.  I need to re-sterilize forceps, scissors, and, syringe. The warming bed is set up and ready, as well as the whelping box.   Looks like a hospital emergency room.  I haven't bought scrubs yet, but have thought about it. I reviewed the birthing book for a refresher. Now just to get some rest before this all takes place.  Last week I put ceramic wall tiles around the base of the puppy room.  This is to discourage little teeth from  chewing the wall.  They start off by being bored, licking, then the paper starts to come off.  And then it is all fun and games. They do this before 8 weeks of age. It is when they start teething and when you have 11 puppies, it is hard to keep them occupied all the time. Good thing they are cute.  I'm hoping this will discourage the behavior so it doesn't become a habit.  I will try to do more blogging now that we are getting closer to whelping.  Prayers for the Belle Starr.  

Big Tummy
Puppy Room