Belle is now in her 7th week and has this thing about eating my squash stems.  She has chewed 3 hubbard squash off of their stems.  With this I decided that maybe she has some type of vitamin deficiency and when I was in Missoula Wednesday I bought some dog food that was made of only  bison and sweet potatoes.  I am mixing it with her other food.  Don't know if it is helping or not.  I did find her in the box of harvested acorn squash eating the stems off from them last night.  Maybe I should harvest the stems and sell as a pregnancy supplement.   There's a thought.  Major medical breakthrough for pregnant dogs.  She's slowing down a bit and sleeping more.  I took her for a long walk and she was very exhausted by the time we got home.  They say that exercise is good for them to help with birthing.  But, I am going to shorten her walks quite a bit.