For a few weeks we couldn't even tell of she was pregnant.  At 28 days we took her to the vet and they did an ultrasound and I got to  see those little blobs that were growing into puppies.  Very exciting.  The tech counted seven and honestly I couldn't see all that he was seeing.  Did see a few that were for sure babies. Other than being tired, her pregnancy is going well.  She drinks a lot of water and she then has to wizzle a lot.  Reminds me way back when I was expecting.  She did throw up once.  So, don't know what caused it, but it didn't last. Her is getting round now.  She is in her 6th week with 3 to go.  With her roundness her legs are getting shorter.  My husband calls her the dashador.  Really hope it doesn't give her a complex.  Love our pregnant Belle Starr. Shadow on the other hand could care less.  Typical male...   No worries... Couldn't do it without those males.  Love them.