Dog Daze of Summer

Cool nights and hot days.  Just the way the furry creatures like it.  Get up in the morning, play while its cool, eat some breakfast and then take a nap.  They then wake up in time to find a cool shady place to relax until lunch.  After lunch, then another nap.  When the  afternoon brings on the heat, the pool is the place to play.  Then its time for a shady place to relax until dinner.  Once it cools off it is time to run and play some more before bedtime.  Tough life... except for maybe the 4th of July.  By the way Happy 4th... Whoever invented fireworks weren't thinking of our furry creatures.  Have you ever tried to go the bathroom with 3 dogs crowding in.  I thought that was bad until I talked to my sister and said she had 4 canine friends crowding with her in her bathroom.  I really hope her bathroom is bigger than mine.  Anyway we survived the day with panicked dogs and lots of noise.  And since it is the dog daze of summer I also must get some rest while it is cool.  Belle Starr and Shadow have one more lesson this week and then will have their Canine Good Citizen Awards.  The picture in front of the rocks was after their last training session and they were exhausted Happy Labs.