Schools Out

School is out and I'm packed and out of my room as of today.  It's bitter sweet and I am going to miss all of my students.  I had a wonderful class and enjoyed my last year of teaching.  My grandson spend the past week with me and exhaustion will hit me soon.  I He went back home today.  I miss him already. He is 2 and a half.  Between him and the pups, there wasn't a dull moment.  I've yet to tell mom and dad that he is missing a pair of socks.  He got them wet and took them off.  Belle Starr threw one up this morning and I'm not sure where the one Shadow ate is. They have a thing for socks and Parker's are small enough that they just swallow them.  Yukkkk!  Life with kids and labs.  The moments where they are snuggled together and sleeping make up for the other.  Now that schools out,  it is time for me to focus on Shadow and Belle Starr.  I'm showing Belle Starr in Missoula on Monday June 23rd.  Shadow is sitting this one out for one of his legs got hit and is still healing.  They are both doing well and I've added a page for picture of the week.  I'm excited to have the time to work on my web site.  After several days of rain, I'm ready for some sun and  fun.