Each One Different

As with most things in life no two events are the same and no two things are exactly alike. Each litter being born has been a different experience with some commonalities. Cassiopeia unfortunately had a very hard delivery. She was in pre-labor for a day followed by a day of whelping. This took a toll on her little body and mindset. As with people everyone is different and some things are easier for some than others and one may never know exactly the reason why but we can make speculations. I really thought that Cassiopeia would have an easy time with delivery for the way she was built. Was I ever wrong. She had a really hard time getting them out of the birth canal and had to almost sit to get them out. With each one we had to help in getting them cleaned, stimulated, and breathing. Truly I believe that was because it was painful for her and it really scared her. We worked hard and diligently to save every pup. Even though we didn’t save them all we have 7 healthy little bodies that squirm and need attention. Statistics show that the survival rate at birth in dogs is 70%. I really don’t like statistics and try to beat the odds. We were spoiled with our first litter of 11 that came out without a hitch and are still our in the world causing trouble. Know that we will do anything to make sure that each puppy has a chance for life. Fred even went out and got his welding canister so we could administer a little oxygen. And she came around. After such a traumatic day of giving birth it has taken Cassiopeia some time to recuperate. She sleeps a lot and still doesn’t have a great appetite after 3 days. On the other hand she is staying by the pups, lets them nurse and is even starting to roll over so they can reach the under teats. But we are having to do the pottying. Really hoping that she will come around and take over that lovely duty. Nothing like going around smelling like puppy poo. Life at the kennel after whelping is a whole different world and each litter is different.