Now What?

January: Pups are gone except for the two I kept back, holidays over, and the house is nice and quiet with everyone waiting for spring. A time to think about the new year and plans for the kennel. Storm Troopers and Laylah's training is going very well. They are very smart and pick up quickly on new lessons. They go on nice walks everyday that are also training sessions. Of course they don't know that. Belle Starr is looking really good, she has grown back this beautiful coat and has muscled out with her walks. Looks as if she will be show ready this spring. Shadow is Shadow and you find him mostly upside down either on the couch or on my bed. Such a goofy one. He's waiting for shed hunting to begin and trips on the four-wheeler. Robin is Robin (our rescue cow dog) and just makes sure everyone else is doing what they need to be doing. We call her the enforcer. Abie and Drake (our geriatric ward) are doing okay. They still love their walks, but spend the rest of the time sleeping. We walk them about every other day. Abie has a shorter path that is on the road so he doesn't tire too much. I take him for I'm about in the same boat... So all and all Life is Good at Happy Labs Kennel. Laylah looks as if she is going to be a awesome hunter and we are still looking at what will be best for her. She would be great at agility, but I'm quite sure that I wouldn't be. We will start her on a hunting training session and see how she does with that. She is such a love and a smart little pup with a very athletic build. As she grows, I can see that she is too leggy for the show ring. In the meantime, we will love her and train her up to see what will be best in her future life. Storm Trooper is looking to be an excellent therapy dog and as he grows I'll know more about the show ring. For sure I will take them to the International Dog Show so they can earn their titles and possibly the puppy show in Albany. I'll continue showing Belle Starr whenever I get the opportunity and also looking at breeding her again this spring. Then I'll give her a year off. We are thinking of adding a cream female to our breeding program. That way we can have 2 litters each year and a replacement for Belle Starr for we won't breed her past the age 6. A good little mate for Storm Trooper. Decisions!! Decisions!! I'm attaching a picture of Abie and Drake that I took yesterday. It so reminded of 11 years ago when the two became friends and later on inseparable. As pups they would lay together like in this picture, only Abie was small and Drake was a lot bigger than him. Love these two boys. What will 2016 bring??