May 24, 2014  Hi, I'm Linda and I had this great idea to train and raise labs for my retirement fun.  This is my very first web site experience and my very first blog. They always say there needs to be a first before their can be a second. Brilliant! Anyway so far this has been a wonderful experience and looking forward to having fun with my labs.


Lots happening at Happy Labs Kennel.  First my phone somehow ended up in the dog's water bucket.  I can only speculate on how.  Then on my way back from picking up a new phone in the rain, the Tahoe hit a slick spot as I was braking and we went off the road.  Probably the most traumatic event of my life for I had my grandson with me.  We both are fine, but as my grandson told the officer, "My grandma broke her car."  This will take me a long time to get over the feeling of thinking I could have injured our precious boy.  He is one of the sweetest things that ever hit the earth.  It has been good that I have the puppies to occupy my thoughts and helping me heal.  I am very thankful that we are safe at home and doing okay. Belle Starr is healing and doing so much better.  As far as the puppies are concerned, they are either tearing around, wrestling, dragging pee pads around, or sleeping.  And all this time they are leaving little presents laying around.  Mostly they are on the pee pads, but sometimes not.  They are much better about not peeing in their kennels or on the blanket.  We finally have them down to a feeding routine of 4 times a day.  They actually went 8 hours last night without a feeding.  Sleep at last. I try to spend quality time with them, and we feed them two at a time with their own bowl.  Or if it is only me, I feed them one at a time.  I'm working on 'wait', but this is  going to be a slow process.  Tomorrow they will be 6 weeks old, so will get their first shots.  Time is flying by.