About now I could use a good straight 8 hours of sleep.  I did get 6 before my night shift and I'm waiting for this one to end so I can go get a couple of more hours.  Some people can go with a small amount of sleep.  But not this one.  Fred does better with that than I do.  But I have to admit that I can hear him snoring some big ones different times throughout the day.  I couldn't imagine trying to do this on my own.  Puppies are growing as I type this.  It's amazing how much they change in a day.  It is day 3 and they are starting to change a bunch.  The cream and yellow one's feet, ears, and muzzles are starting to turn black.  Some of the ears are flopping down.  At birth the ears were plastered against their heads.  You can start to distinguish the differences between some of them.  Especially the cream and yellow ones.  There are going to be some of both.  The little black ones all look alike.  Some are just a little bigger.  Hope that the colored bands arrive today for we really need them.  The only one we have marked is a little black girl (last one to arrive) for she was a little sluggish the first day and so we put pink yarn around her neck so that we could make sure she got lots to eat.  Her nickname is Ribbon and she is turning into a little feisty one.  Love those puppies..  Vet day tomorrow....

Da  y 3

Day 3