May 24, 2014  Hi, I'm Linda and I had this great idea to train and raise labs for my retirement fun.  This is my very first web site experience and my very first blog. They always say there needs to be a first before their can be a second. Brilliant! Anyway so far this has been a wonderful experience and looking forward to having fun with my labs.

7 Days Old

The babies are now 7 days old and have changed drastically.  They all weigh around a pound and a half.  They are sleeping longer between feedings, mommy is leaving them more often, and they are trying out their little legs.  They seem to be content with their situation in life.  Mom is great with all the interruptions and doesn't mind strangers coming in to visit.  I'm already preparing myself for when Dec. 1st comes along and they start going to their new homes.  On the other hand I'm thankful that they will be going to good homes to live out their happy lab life.  I'm keeping a boy and a girl, so that will help with the separation. I will keep a little black girl for future breeding and showing, then also a white male for therapy, breeding, and showing.  At a  month I will put them through tests to see what each little puppy's strenghs are.  That way I can place them accordingly.  We always want to have a positive experience and that goes with dogs as well.   Happy at Happy Labs Kennel