Bolo Sophia


Born October 18, 2017

Parents:  B and M Meinhold Col. Hawker and Belle Starr
Sophia has been with us since birth.  Her sharp eyes, regal look, and Bolo toes stole our hearts from the time she came into the world.  We lost a piece of our heart when we lost her mom Belle Starr, but she has added a piece of love right in it's place.  She looks like her mom in the face, has some of her antics, but her body structure is solid with longer legs and a lean body.  She is agile, smart, loving, and entertains herself with chasing bugs and birds.  We call her our Freedom Girl for she is in her own world but at the same time in tune with the world.  She has dark eyes and a blocky head.  She keeps her brother Storm Trooper occupied as they are best of buds and she also is close to Phoebe.  Sophia has been an excellent addition to our lab family and we are blessed to have her. 


Bolo Sophia

DNA tests are Normal
EIC Clear
Copper Toxicosis - Two Normal B Genes and Two Protective Genes