and His Buddy,

Our First English Labrador


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We got Abie (short for Abraham Lincoln)  in July of 2005.  We joked that he is the reason we had to get married for we now had a child.  Abie came from Midnight Sky's Kennel in Oregon.  We had him flown up from Eugene via airplane in the cargo section. He came in at 25 pounds and was a chunk.  The plane ride in the cargo section traumatized him and to this day I will not send a dog via cargo.  Instead I fly them in the cabin.

We were at Twin Lakes one summer camping and we saw this beautiful black dog.  We were thinking that it was a water spaniel.  With curiosity getting the best of us we asked the couple what type of dog it was and they said it was a English Labrador out of Oregon.  We got the name of the breeder and that was just the beginning.... 

Abie was a very sweet boy but determined and a little stubborn. He was laid back but yet ready to go in a second if something was going on.  He loved his buddy Drake and that is how we ended up with Drake.  The two boys bonded and Drake came to live with us after the two dealt with seperation anxiety.  They got into a lot of trouble and yet gave us lots of memories and stories.  The two boys lived a great life together and died within 4 months of each other. 

Loved our Abie and Drak.